UK Premiere/ The Smell of Apples

Directed by Revin Asaf

The Smell of Apples is set in the town of Halabja (Northern Iraq) 20 years after the chemical attacks of 1988. The film follows the villagers’ shattered lives and their attempts to ‘make the best of it’. In a village where women are sadly unable to fulfill even the simplest hopes of becoming mothers and young people grow up with the haunting repercussions of chemical warfare, questionable choices are made in the name justice. The story focuses on the medical challenges of the survivors and of one Kurdish/German doctor who suffers the backlash of his country’s clandestine chemical sales to the Iraqi regime. This film is a stark and real account of chemical warfare and the innocents who suffer at its hands.

Q&A Session/ We are pleased to welcome Revin Asaf and his producer for a Q&A session.

The main feature film will be proceeded by:
Screening: Postage
Dir Kordo Doski/ 15 mins

82 minutes

English and Kurdish

Year of production: