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UK premiere/ Noi + recorded intro

Reema Borah’s Noi is the story of Bisnu, a middle-aged fisherman, who undergoes a journey to identify the body of an unknown man. This contemporary allegorical tale from Assam is semi-autobiographical, critiquing political corruption, hypocrisy and identity.

Noi demonstrates the creative strengths of new Assamese cinema, which is regularly overshadowed by the larger film industries. Borah is a graduate of the prestigious Film and Television institute of India and this is her second feature film.

On sale to Friends: Fri 5 Aug, 12.00
On sale to Members: Mon 8 Aug, 12.00
On sale to General Public: Tue 9 Aug, 12.00

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Event/ This screening will be preceded by a recorded introduction from director Reema Borah.