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UK Premiere/ Mirador

Pablo, a 34-year-old blind man, lives in a remote location near the Uruguayan coast, brewing his craft spirits, recording his thoughts on an old cassette player, playing back old tapes, and hanging out with his blind friends Valeria and Óscar. Together they transport us to a sensory world that transcends the image; cinema becomes a meditative experience as we relish the soundscape, our vision impaired by the shallow depth of field and our viewer’s omniscience thwarted by the narrative jumps. There is gentle humour to be found too, in the trio’s everyday experiences and casual conversations.

A film about friendship, connection and loss; an opportunity to perceive the world differently; and a must-see for fans of alternative cinema!

On Sale Dates

HOME Friends – 12pm Fri 4 Sep
HOME Members – 12pm Mon 7 Sep
General Sale – 12pm Tue 8 Sep

Short film screening alongside this feature film: Ya está

Do we decide to isolate ourselves or is it life that closes its doors on us? A middle-aged woman tries to follow her routine; her friends invite her out, her daughters call and visit. But she has an eerie feeling that something isn’t right. Little by little, everything is shutting down… An intriguing psychological thriller from Basque director Aizpea Goenaga, who plays the lead role.