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UK Premiere/ Las Buenas intenciones

Set in early 90s Buenos Aires, this is an intimate autobiographical portrait of childish adults and mature children muddling through an amicable post-divorce scenario. Intercut with actual home video footage, the director lovingly pays homage to her late father.

Gustavo is a joyfully irresponsible and music-obsessed slacker, idolised by his children but struggling to make child support payments. As the eldest child, 10-year-old Amanda seems wise far beyond her years as they hang out in her dad’s record shop or chaotic flat, but now she will face a difficult decision that truly tests her maturity.

With an energetic soundtrack – by Paraguayan Ska punk band Ripe Banana Skins – and a genuine outburst of love, this is a heart-warming celebration of family.

On Sale Dates

HOME Friends – 12pm Fri 4 Sep
HOME Members – 12pm Mon 7 Sep
General Sale – 12pm Tue 8 Sep

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