UK Premiere/ Kalebegiak

Directed by Various

Twelve portraits of the city of San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016.

Iraila (September)
Telmo Esnal & Asier Altuna
A man rows out to collect valuable percebes (barnacles) during the Bahía de la Concha September regattas.

Kutxa Beltza (Black Box)
Isabel Herguera & Izibene Oñederra
A surreal animation of hallucinations involving a woman and her dog in the Igueldo Lighthouse.

Txintxorro (The Boat)
Gracia Querejeta
Two 13-year-old boys build a boat from an old dog kennel, but will Ainhoa be impressed?

La Casa del Frío (The House of Cold)
Imanol Uribe
Documentary short about the residents of a homeless shelter.

Punta Itsua (The Blind Spot)
Iñaki Camacho
Haizea is oblivious to the things she doesn’t see.

Kresala (Salpetre)
Ekain Irigoien
A wild storm lashes the city. Although the authorities prohibit the boats from leaving port, an old fisherman decides to sail.

Testimonio (Testimony)
Daniel Calparsoro
ETA terrorism victim Barbara Dührkop shares her testimony with the younger generation.

La Chica de la luz (The Girl of the Light)
Las Chicas de Pasaik (Maider Fernández & María Elorza)
A poetic documentary short about Chinese immigrants in San Sebastian and the city at night.

Los Angeles Observer
Luiso Berdejo
Dante from San Sebastian, Mexico, lives in LA. One night he burgles a man from San Sebastian, Spain, José Marí, the namesake of the legendary saviour of men lost at sea.

Narciso (Narcissus)
Koldo Almandoz
A time travel tale about self-love in San Sebastian.

Bidexka (Shortcut)
Borja Cobeaga
An ambulance driver races to deliver her precious refrigerated cargo.

La Ballena real (The Real Whale)
Julio Medem
The widow of Alfonso XII, Queen María Cristina, goes whale hunting in 1902, unaware that two future legends form part of her crew.

112 minutes

Basque, English and Spanish

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