UK Premiere/ El Sitio de Otto

Directed by Oriol Puig

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, HOME was temporarily closed and this film screening was cancelled.

In addition to the recent loss of his father, growing pains have cast the teenage Otto somewhat adrift as he treads the familiar territory of village life in rural Catalonia. His best friend César ropes him into a plan to deal with a pack of wild dogs harassing the local residents, and his girlfriend Érica accompanies him to local parties, but over the course of the summer he outgrows his old friends and relationships, and makes new connections with those considered outsiders by the socially conservative rural community.

Filmed in the picturesque Ebro Valley, this is a subtle and well-crafted coming-of-age story that celebrates having the confidence to strike an alternative path on the journey into adult identity.

80 minutes

Translated title:
Otto's Place


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