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UK Premiere/ El Motoarrebatador + Short Film

In Tucumán, northwest Argentina, Miguel makes a living as a motochorro, a thief snatching bags from his motorbike. But when a victim ends up badly hurt Miguel is plagued by guilt, and he conceals his true identity to start looking after the unsuspecting old woman. The closer he gets to her, the more he becomes entangled in his own lies, with some surprising and comic results. Inspired by real life events – the initial mugging, the police strikes and public looting – Toscano wanted to create a story that “questions and transcends the limits of prejudice, social condemnation, double standards and the true nature of victims and victimisers.” Add a great rock soundtrack, some fun plot twists, and nuanced characters evoking shifting sympathies – it’s a winning combination.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: UK Premiere/ Tomorrow

An American western – without dialogue but with a beautiful soundtrack and soundscape – shot against the geographical and cultural backdrop of rural Catalonia. Hounded by the memory of a violent event, a man abandons his family and farm to take a journey into an uncertain future. Tomorrow is a contemporary western that is both an examination of the man’s struggle to answer for his guilt and a portrait of the deep friendship shared by him and his horse. It is a story about accepting the consequences for ones actions and in doing so, understanding what it truly means to be free.