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In the early 70s Inés and Justo are part of a violent, far-right, nationalist group that plots to destabilise President Allende’s Socialist government. When young man-of-action Gerardo is recruited to their cause, a dangerous love triangle entangles the three with serious repercussions. Years later, Inés and Justo are now pillars of society in Chile’s neoliberal democracy, but the sudden reappearance of Gerardo threatens their position of power and privilege, and demands further betrayal of their former ally.

Nominated for a Goya Award, Chilean director Andrés Wood has created a tense and insightful drama that peels back the veneer of respectability to reveal the dark side of a contemporary elite.

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HOME Friends – 12pm Fri 4 Sep
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Introduced by Jessie Gibbs, ¡Viva! Festival Coordinator, on Wed 23 Sep.