Pilot Light TV Festival champion the discovery of the next generation of talent in episodic storytelling. They aim to give the creators behind these under-seen projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. This year the Pilot Light team proudly present another amazing selection of shows, all of which have ‘the next big thing’ written all over them.

Doomsday – Web Pilot
Creators: Sonja O’Hara, Jaspal Binning/US/25 mins
Doomsday follows the daily lives of the dozen residents of a millennial commune in The Catskills. Half present day action, inching toward Doomsday, and half flashback, to reveal who this person is and why/how they joined this cult.

Dystopian: Lovesong
Creator: Stefano Moro/AU/26 mins
In a post-apocalyptic Black Mirror-esque future, Ian Dystop scavenges his quadrant for antiques. He is haunted by a vision he sees during his dreams and virtual sexual encounters; a music box concealing a beautiful ballerina doll.

Great Expectations
Creator: Pip Swallow/GB/15 mins
Within three days Pip has lost her job, flat and boyfriend. At a crossroads, she must decide whether to persist with the Big Smoke or leave liberal, metropolitan, elite London and go back to her home in the Brexit Britain countryside and seek her reduced fortune.

Strut – Web Pilot
Creator: Misha Calvert/US/25 mins
A reclusive nerd discovers self-confidence when she starts a successful escorting agency with her three best friends.

91 minutes


Country of origin:
Australia, Great Britain and USA

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time