Tu vida en 65′

Directed by Maria Ripoli

TU VIDA EN 65’ is a bittersweet story of love, friendship and death. Twentysomething mates Francisco, Ignacio and Dani meet for their Sunday rituals: a paella, a dip in the sea and a visit to the Nou Camp to support Barça. After spotting an obituary for a schoolmate, they decide to attend the funeral.
It wasn’t him, but confusion turns to coincidence as they meet a couple of young women who will disrupt their perfect summer’s day. With an attractive cast of young unknowns, a witty script, playful pop soundtrack, and beautiful Barcelona as backdrop, TU VIDA treats the heaviest of subjects with the lightest of touch. Based on the play by Alberto Espinosa (writer of PLANTA 4ª).


“So beautiful that it hurts.” El Pais

100 minutes


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