Triple Bill: Sense of Place

From the Roots Came the Rapper
Dir Colin Bucksey/GB 1978/30 min/ BBC North West
Tommy Boyle, Margot Leicester, Jackie Fishel
Sense of Place was an anthology series produced by BBC North West in Manchester. In Janey Preger’s From the Roots Came the Rapper, Kevin is an aspiring Stockport DJ, dreaming of fame and fortune in the USA, but his debut in a local club does not get the reception he had hoped for.

Dir Matthew Robinson/GB 1979/30 min/ BBC North West
Virginia Moore, Stewart Bevan
Written by Alan Garner, Lamaload is set in a remote valley in the Peak District where Jane grew up. Returning as an adult she is shocked to find the valley has been flooded to become a reservoir and the house where she was born is an empty shell.

Find Me First
Dir Matthew Robinson/GB 1979/30 min/ BBC North West
Avis Bunnage, Annette Crosbie
This little-known drama by Shelagh Delaney is about two sisters who meet by chance after one has been missing for three years. Avis Bunnage and Annette Crosbie give marvellous performances as the sisters.

90 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production:
1978 - 1979