Transfixed – Experimental Shorts

For those of you who like a journey over the filmic abyss and into the world of experimentation, we bring you a series of transfixtures from across the Commonwealth. Consume the experimental fairytale of globalisation, refuse and refusal in the ‘Delmarva Chicken of Tomorrow’ followed by road trips with a difference (00:00:15;00) and dark tales from Down Under (Unit #52, Jet Black) SHORT BEFORE THE MOVIE Dir: Janet Merewether, Australia, 2002, Super 8, 6min POST MARK LICK Dir: Sonia Bridge, Canada, 2002, 35mm, 4min THE DELMARVA CHICKEN OF TOMORROW Dir: Andrea Luka Zimmerman, England, 2002, 16mm, 15min TERMINOLOGY Dir: Fadia Abboud, Australia, 2002, 16mm, 3min JET BLACK Dir: Siouxzi Connor, Australia, 2002, 16mm, 4min THE FALL (La Chute) Dir: Jean Antoine Charest, Canada, 2002, Beta, 13min HOW AM I DRIVING? Dir: Tim Dean, Australia, 2002, 16mm, 5min NOCTURNE Dir: Emily Richardson, England, 2002, 5min 00:00:15;00 Dir: Nikki Forrest, Canada, 2002, Beta, 4min EUROPEAN VACATION Dir: Joe Duffy, England, 2002, DV, 2min CASUALTY Dir: Fadia Abboud, Australia, 2001, 16mm, 6min A LOVE STORY Dir: Yi Wei Loo, Singapore, 2001, Super 8, 4min AUTOBIOLOGY 15 Dir: Kevin Kelly, Canada, 2002, Beta, 3min TULIPS AT DAWN Dir: Rosie Pedlow, England, 2002, Digibeta, 4min BORN AND BRED Dir: Steven Speed, England, 2002, DV, 1min UNIT #52 Dir: Tony Krawitz, Australia, 2002, 16mm, 9min TERRA NOVA Dir: Kieran Galvin, Australia, 2002, DV, 10min MANIPULATOR Dir: Wrik Mead, Canada, 2002, 16mm, 4min ROSABELLE BELIEVE Dir: Tim Shore, England, 2002, 16mm, 5min TRANSFIXED Dir: Jason Britski, Canada, 2001, 16mm, 2min MOVING VIOLATION Dir: Jason Britski, Canada, 2002, Video, 5min