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Transactions of Desire screening + Book Launch

Join us in the cinema for this unique compilation of films curated for HOME’s inaugural theme, Transactions of Desire, which questions what really motivates our intimate relationships and actions. Seven short artists films take you on a journey through comedy, contemplation and cunning, including new films produced for specifically for this screening by artists Chris Paul Daniels and Laura Morrison.

An Emo Nose
Dir Wong Ping
Duration: 4 minutes 23 sec

Over the Rainbow (extract)
Dir Rachel Maclean
Duration: 17 minutes 16 sec

breathe in / breath out
Dir Jessey Tsang
Duration: 10 minutes 31 seconds

Sounding out – plant hunters, space seekers, listeners, fakers, keepers
Dir Una Knox
Duration: 6 minutes 36 sec

Dir Chris Paul Daniels
Duration: 5 minutes 42 sec

Mall Walking
Dir Rob Crosse
Duration: 12 minutes 59 sec

Mishima in Mexico
Dir Wu Tsang
Duration: 13 minutes 57 sec

Sir You Will Doubtless Be Astonished / We Need To Talk About Neil
Dir Laura Morrison
Duration: 2 minutes 7 sec

Tickets purchased for this screening include free entry and complimentary glass of wine at the Transactions of Desire Vol 2 book launch.

Event details

Following the Transactions of Desire screening, join us in the event space where we’ll be launching our new publication, Transactions of Desire Vol 2: Are you allergic to the 21st century? This self-help style book accompanies our new exhibition Safe, and includes contributions from Hannah Black, John Walter and Emma Jane Unsworth. The event will include readings from the book alongside live music from the queen of heartbreak, singer-songwriter Najia Bagi. This second volume is a companion piece to our successful first publication Transactions of Desire, a book of short romantic fiction stories from writers including Douglas Coupland and Lynne Tillman.

This project has been developed with the support of Film Hub North West Central, proud to be a part of the BFI Film Audience Network.