Directed by Mike Figgis

Rather than cutting back and forth between different people, different scenes, Figgis exploits the potential of digital technology by splitting the screen into four quadrants. In the upper left, two lesbian lovers have a tiff. Upper right finds a producer’s wife in session with her therapist. Lower left is home for a group of nervous Hollywood execs awaiting word from their producer boss while lower right reveals said boss, strolling down Sunset Boulevard, juggling calls to wife and mistress. Shooting on digital video allowed characters to cross paths and swap screens with the director using the sound mix to create a narrative path. In his passion to put digital technology through its paces, Figgis twists cinematic conventions, creating a palpable immediacy and comic punch. Special Event: Tue 22 Aug Following the 8.40pm screening there will be a Q & A Session with Mike Figgis, the Director.

97 minutes

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