The President

Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf

From Mohsen Makhmalbaf (Kandahar), one of the leading exponents of New Iranian Cinema, comes The President, the story of a dictator of an imaginary country in the Caucasus, who is forced to escape following a coup d’état, and begins a journey to discover his country in the company of his five-year-old grandson. The two travel across the lands that the President once governed. Now, disguised as a street musician to avoid being recognised, the former dictator comes into contact with his people, whom he comes to know from a different point of view. A thoroughly absorbing and gripping satire that gestures to both Eastern Europe and the fallout of The Arab Spring, the film finally reaches UK screens after a rapturous reception at Venice Film Festival.

Listen to director Mohsen Makhmalbaf preview The President, with an introduction from Jason Wood, our Artistic Director: Film.

119 minutes


Full English

Country of origin:
France, Georgia, Germany and Great Britain

Year of production: