The Pledge

Directed by Sean Penn

Jack Nicholson delivers his finest performance in years for fellow actor-turned director Penn in this emotional fable of one man’s gamble for his immortal soul. During his retirement party, homicide cop Jerry Black (Nicholson) breaks away to make one last crime scene visit. A young girl has been brutally murdered, and Jerry suddenly finds himself before the mother who asks him to swear that he will find the killer. Jerry agrees and takes this pledge to heart. Soon his life (and retirement) is dedicated to the cause, to the point where Jerry’s obsession begins to blur his judgement. How far will he go in order to honour his pledge? Penn has assembled an excellent cast with every member delivering first rate performances whilst the settings match the tone of the film, with looming snowy mountains and dilapidated buildings.“Penn and Nicholson take risks with the material and elevate the movie to another, unanticipated, haunting level.” Chicago Sun-Times

123 minutes

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