The Night of the Sunflowers

Directed by Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo

This assured directorial début uproots film noir from its traditional urban turf and plants it in the middle of the mountains and dying rural villages of Castilla-León. Speleologist Esteban (Gómez) has arrived there to inspect a newly discovered cave, aided by an experienced local potholer (Alameda). They emerge to find Esteban’s girlfriend has been assaulted. The quest for justice tips into a thirst for vengeance and their search for the culprit unleashes further violence, disrupting the struggling local communities. Told in six parts, from the point of view of six different characters, the film expertly builds to a near unbearable suspense. Nominated for 4 Goyas (the Spanish Oscars), including Best New Director.

123 minutes


Country of origin:
France, Poland and Spain

Year of production: