The Moon and the Sledgehammer 50th Anniversary

Directed by Philip Trevelyan

A rare 50th Anniversary screening of the British cult classic The Moon and the Sledgehammer.

The Page family live a simple but self-sufficient existence in their ramshackle house, tucked away within a six-acre woodland property 20 miles south of London. In this forest, away from the hubbub of modern life, The Moon and the Sledgehammer observes how the family passes their time, each member spelling out their personal fantasies, obsessions and philosophies to the camera. This freedom to obsess—over machines, the moon, or any of their philosophical musings suggests this is a family in control of their lives in more ways than the commuters’ just outside of the backcountry.

Image credit: The Moon and the Sledgehammer, dir. Philip Trevelyan, 1971

65 minutes


Country of origin:
United Kingdom

Year of production: