The King is Dancing

Directed by Gérard Corbiau

The director of FARINELLI returns with another visually and aurally luxurious period drama. LE ROI DANSE reveals the extravagant passions and politics of the glittering court of the Sun King. Influenced (and manipulated) at age 14 by musician Jean-Baptiste Lully (Terral), the young King Louis XIV comes out of his shell to become a flamboyant, narcissistic dancer whose politics are based on his obsession with the arts. But Lully’s control of the King (Magimel) will be threatened by the ascendancy of the playwright Moliere (Karyo). “A sumptuous recreation of the brilliant court of the Sun King, LE ROI DANSE is a fascinating study of the iternecine relationship between culture and politics, art and power, floridly decorated and vividly acted.”

114 minutes

Country of origin:
Belgium, France and Germany

Year of production: