The Goob

Directed by Guy Myhill

Rural Norfolk serves as an otherworldly backdrop to a remarkable debut feature made through the micro budget ifeatures scheme. Taylor (newcomer Liam Springs) is 16 and spending his summer helping his mother (Guillory) ready their roadside greasy spoon for the busy holiday season. Both live under the vigilant, watchful eye of his Mum’s controlling, vicious boyfriend (Sean Harris, exceptional as always) who, in a fit of rage causes an accident that hospitalises Taylor’s brother and undermines at every turn Taylor’s hesitant attempts at friendship and romance. A brooding and poetic coming-of-age tale with woozy cinematography, the film recalls the early work of Harmony Korine and also has something of Malick’s Days of Heaven in its look at the pain and pleasure of rural existence.


“★★★★ An intelligent essay in classic Brit social realism that is well acted with a beautiful evocation of the East Anglian landscape”
– The Guardian

85 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: