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The Fits

A psychological portrait of an 11-year-old tomboy trying to assimilate into a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati’s West End, The Fits, originally presented at Sundance, signals a remarkable feature debut for writer/director Anna Rose Holmer. Enamoured by the power and confidence of this strong community of dancers, Toni (Royalty Hightower) eagerly absorbs routines, masters drills, and even pierces her own ears to fit in. When a mysterious outbreak of fainting spells plagues the team, Toni’s desire for acceptance is twisted. A mesmeric, beautifully syncopated coming of age tale, one of the film’s major strengths is its willingness to leave you elements to ponder without necessarily providing any of the answers. It plays out like an intricate jigsaw puzzle, and part of the joy of the film comes from piecing together the pieces.