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The First Film + Q&A

The First Film is filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson’s 32-year quest to prove that in October 1888 Louis Le Prince produced the world’s first films in Leeds, England.

Once Le Prince had perfected his projection machine he arranged to demonstrate his discovery to the American public in New York and thus the world. However on 16th September 1890, just weeks before he was due to sail to New York, Louis Le Prince stepped onto the Dijon to Paris train and was never seen again. As no body was ever found no one could legally fight the Le Prince claim that he invented a camera that recorded the very first moving image.

As a result, several years later, Thomas Edison and the Lumière Brothers were to claim the glory and the prize of being acknowledged as the first people to pioneer film. Louis Le Prince was never added to history books.

Event details

Our screening of The First Film is followed by a Q&A with director David Nicholas Wilkinson.