The Dead Don’t Hurt

Directed by Viggo Mortensen

In a frontier town run by corrupt forces, fiercely independent Vivienne Le Coudy embarks on a relationship with the passionate, hard-working Holger Olsen – but it’s one that leads to danger for them both. 

With the threat of the Civil War looming, their future becomes uncertain when Holger decides to fight for the Union, leaving Vivienne on her own to face the dangerous threats of the corrupt mayor, the power-hungry ranch owner and the rancher’s violent son. 

From writer director Viggo Mortensen comes a powerful new western about love and survival that is both epic and intimate. 

" impressively authored movie in which Mortensen is also writer, composer and star."

The Guardian

129 minutes

English, French and Spanish


Country of origin:
Canada, Denmark and Mexico

Year of production:

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  • CAP – Caption Subtitled, are English language subtitles that are embedded into the screening, this includes a written description of sounds or audible components.

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