The Childhood of a Leader

Directed by Brady Corbet

A child’s angelic face conceals a budding sociopath in the audacious feature debut from actor Brady Corbet. A powerhouse international cast led by Robert Pattinson and Bérénice Bejo headlines this dark domestic nightmare. Set amidst the turmoil of World War I and its aftermath, it follows the young son of an American diplomat living in France as he learns to manipulate the adults around him – a monstrous coming of age that ominously parallels the rising tide of Fascism in Europe. A stylistically fearless tour-de-force, The Childhood of a Leader reaches fever-pitch delirium thanks to ravishing cinematography and a thunderous score by legendary, boundary-pushing musician Scott Walker.

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116 minutes

English and French

Partial English

Country of origin:
France, Great Britain and Hungary

Year of production: