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NT Live: The Cherry Orchard

Chekhov’s masterpiece, The Cherry Orchard concludes the 2010/11 season of National Theatre Live. Filmed live in hi-definition and broadcast via satellite to our screens, this spirited new version of Chekhov’s last play reunites National Theatre Associate Director Howard Davies with Andrew Upton, whose recent productions of Russian plays (including PhilistinesBurnt by the Sun and The White Guard) have earned huge critical acclaim. Zoë Wanamaker stars  as Madame Ranevskaya.

Set at the very start of the twentieth century, The Cherry Orchard captures a poignant moment in Russia’s history as the country rolls inexorably towards 1917. Ranyevskaya returns more or less bankrupt after ten years abroad. Luxuriating in her fading moneyed world and regardless of the increasingly hostile forces outside, she and her brother snub the lucrative scheme of Lopakhin, a peasant turned entrepreneur, to save the family estate. In so doing, they put up their lives to auction and seal the fate of the beloved orchard.

This performance will be certificated “As Live” and the content has not been viewed by the BBFC. There is no official age restriction but Cornerhouse recommends certificate 12A.