The Castle

Directed by Michael Haneke

From Michael Haneke, winner of the Palme d’Or 2009 and 2012, comes this icy, beguiling, masterful adaptation of Kafka’s seminal novel, starring the late, great Ulrich Mühe (The Lives of OthersAmenFunny Games).

A land surveyor is summoned to a remote village by the local government, housed in ‘the castle’. But when he arrives, he is unable to persuade the locals of his legitimacy and finds himself sucked into a bizarre spiral of provincial bureaucracy and petty social rivalries that soon becomes a surreal, all-encompassing nightmare. Throwing open a deep thematic vein in Haneke’s work, this stunning parable of alienation and absurdity highlights important parallels between the two artists’ oeuvres, making it a lesser-known, yet crucial part of his glittering career. It was originally broadcast on Austrian television in 1997 and.

The Castle screens as an accompaniment to Kafka’s Monkey.

131 minutes

Translated title:
(Das Schloß)


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Country of origin:
Austria and Germany

Year of production: