The Bishop’s Wife

Directed by Henry Koster

Heavenly bells are ringing, jubilant choirs are singing, and Christmas joy is blanketing the world like freshly fallen snow. But the Yuletide spirit has yet to warm Bishop Henry Brougham’s Victorian home. Struggling to raise funds for a new cathedral, the preoccupied young clergyman has neglected his loving wife Julia, and now only divine intervention can save their marriage. But the powerful and handsome angel sent from above has a mind of his own and teaching mortal Henry an immortal lesson in romance isn’t all he’s got planned!

Starring Oscar-winners Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven, and featuring a supporting cast that includes James Gleason and Monty Woolley, this delightful romantic comedy is wondrous, witty and truly divine.

109 minutes


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