Directed by Dario Argento

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Dir Tobe Hooper US 1974 1hr 23m Young folk ignore all warnings and encounter the family from hell – wielding all sorts of noisy and messy tools of death and destruction. Tenebrae Dir Dario Argento Italy 1982 1hr 50m A successful crime author arrives in Rome to promote his latest book, triggering a trail of similarly styled murders. ”You’ll end up feeling you’ve left some vital digestive organs back at the seat.” Time Out Night of the Living Dead Dir George Romero US 1969 1hr 36m A band of survivors are terrorized by flesh-eaters in this influential monochrome granddaddy of modern zombie flicks. Death Line (aka Raw Meat) Dir Gary Sherman UK 1972 1hr 27m Rare screening of one of the great British horror films. The last member of a long line of subterranean cannibals is forced into foraging for London Underground passengers. Mind the doors! The Exorcist Dir William Friedkin US 1973 2hrs 2m Neatly passing into the ‘The Lord’s Day’ and just in time for breakfast, the head-spinning, puke-spewing, BBFC-baiting classic.

110 minutes

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