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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, HOME is temporarily closed and this event will no longer be taking place.

We do not know yet how long this closure will last, but this will be at least until the end of March 2020. We will attempt to reschedule as many events as possible and if this is not possible, we will be contacting ticketholders to refund cancelled shows.

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Pablo, a wealthy resident of contemporary Guatemala City, is a ‘good man’; a married father of two and a practising Evangelical Christian. But when he falls passionately in love with Francisco, Pablo’s family and church vehemently resolve to help him ‘heal’.

After the success of Ixcanul during ¡Viva! 2016, Jayro Bustamente turns from the widespread denigration of the indigenous population to another vilified sector of society; in the director’s own words, the Guatemalan male identity is defined as “not being a woman, not being a child, and not being a homosexual.” Based on the 22 real life testimonies, this is “a film that speaks about conditional love, shameful love, love that hurts, about the divine and celestial love that is needed in a context where the earth trembles and destroys everything. The love that gives us an excuse for our extraordinary mastery of double standards.”