Directed by Jonathan Caouette

Executive produced by Gus Van Sant and assembled for a just a of coupla hundred dollars using iMovie software, TARNATION is the revelation of this year’s film festival circuit. The film has turned the spotlight firmly on the 32-year-old writer-director whose 20+ years of recording and hoarding form the basis of this dazzling autobiographical documentary. “For anyone who felt that the home-movie footage in CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS was a touch intrusive, Caouette’s extraordinary confessional feature will make alarming viewing indeed. This film opens up the pages of its maker’s personal photo album, as it were, and rubs your face in it, …the nightmarish material given a poetic, vibrant treatment that’s personal to the last frame…. one of the most arresting screen self-portraits ever.” Jonathan Romney, The Independent online edition

88 minutes


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