Directed by Richard Linklater

Following the animated WAKING LIFE, TAPE is Linklater’s second expedition into digital filmmaking. Shot entirely in sequence and on DV, this live-action feature is adapted from the one-act play by Stephen Berber. The chamber drama takes place in the Michigan motel room of loser Vince (Hawke) who has come from California to visit his former high-school friend Jon (Leonard), a filmmaker whose star is clearly on the rise. But Vince has other motives for their reunion, and soon a former girlfriend from their high-school class (Thurman) has joined the pair in a devastating dissection of high-school memories.+ Exposure (Dir Iain Macdonald, UK 2001, 12 mins) Will webcast suicide be the next big thing? (Please note: short shows first week only.) Stars Mark Benton.

85 minutes

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