Tapas Spanish Shorts Programme

A tasty selection of award-winning Spanish shorts. We hope to welcome a special guest from Spain to introduce the screenings.Please note: Not running order. Further shorts screen with features and are listed with them. All shorts show in Castilian with subtitles unless otherwise noted.Atraco en la gran final (Robbery at the cup final)Dir Daniel Campos, Sp 2001, 13 minsTwo blokes attempt to rob the stadium ticket office during the ChampionsLeague final between Real Madrid and Barça. But a TV quiz show alters theirplans.15 Días (15 Days)Dir Rodrigo Cortes 2000 27minIn this mockumentary, Cástor Vicente Zamacois is a cheeky racketeer; an intelligent guy without roots who considers the Teleshop the closest thing to a mother.Pantalones (Trousers)Dir Ana Martinez 2000 4minsWinner of the 2001 Goya for Best Short Film. Sometimes, a small, insignificant detail could change the course of your life.Bailongas (Dancing Queens)Dir Chiqui Carabante 2000 8minsKeko desperately searches the neighbourhood for his pusher Toni to make a very special request.La Sorpresa (THE SURPRISE)Dir Javier Fesser 2001 1m 30 sec (NO SUBTITLES)One man prevents another man from eating his fried eggs.El Velatorio (The Wake)Dir Javier Domingo 2000/01 14minsJosé Mari has died of a heart attack playing in his housing estate’s paddle ball competition. During the wake, his ghost faces the arrival of his ‘loved ones’ with curiosity and gallantry…El derecho de las patatas (The Right of the Potatoes)Dir Mercedes Gaspar 2001 17minsA female short film director disappears in strange circumstances.