Dos Más (Two More) (Leon Siminiani 2000, 19 mins) A young couple fly from Spain to New York in search for the ultimate haven for escape and reinvention. El ataque de los zombies adolescentes This Tim Burton-styled animated tale reveals the midnight graveyard revolt by gang of unruly ex-teens. Los diminutos del calvario (Various dirs, 2001, 13 mins total) 10 of Spain’s most accomplished shorts directors each contribute a micro-corto to this diverse SGAE-sponsored collection. Includes work by Chiqui Carabante, Javier Rebollo, Juan Antonio Bayona, Juana Macias, Jorge Torregrosa, Se buscan abrazos (Dir Manuel García Serrano, 2002, 16 mins) The pensioners who populate an isolated village are keen to prepare a celebration for the arrival of Sole’s daughter and the granddaughter that she’s never met. Strangely, only Sole does not welcome the visit. Introduction by Medardo Amor We are pleased to welcome Medardo Amor, a key figure on the Spanish shorts scene, who will introduce the screening and discuss short filmmaking in Spain.

90 minutes