Talk to Her

Directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Following the celebration of actresses and women that was ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, Almodóvar returns to study the moving relationship between two men. Male nurse Benigno (Camara) and writer Marco (Grandetti) meet at a clinic where the former cares for a beautiful young coma patient he secretly adores (Watling). Marco is visiting his lover, a gored female bullfighter also in a coma (Flores). As the two men talk to the two women they begin to also communicate with each other, and an intense friendship develops. Almodóvar laces this film about loneliness, friendship, and communication with images of dance, song, and film, including a dazzling black & white silent film within the film that stars Paz Vega (SEX AND LUCÍA) and Fele Martínez (LOVERS OF THE ARCTIC CIRCLE). ‘TALK… is about narrators, narrators who recount their own lives, men who talk to whoever can hear them and above all to those who can’t.’ ***Fri 6 Sep, 6.10pm: Introduction to TALK TO HER*** Nuria Triana Toribio, lecturer in Spanish at Liverpool University will consider TALK TO HER in terms of its narrative style, themes and content.

112 minutes

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