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 Premiere/ Invisible Women

The Superbia Weekend presents:
 Premiere/ Invisible Women

Invisible Women’ is a documentary that explores an untold story of Manchester’s LGBTQ+ history over the last 50 years through the lens of two women’s incredible journey of rebellion and activism. Angela Cooper and Luchia Fitzgerald have spent the last half a century fighting for their rights as women and as lesbians. Their work has revolutionised Manchester whilst transforming the lives of thousands of women. Yet no record of them exists in the city’s archives; theirs is a story that risks disappearing from history. Until now. This summer the invisible women come out of the shadows and onto the screen.

This event will be followed by a Q&A with director Alice Smith, producer Joe Ingham, Angela and Luchia. Join us in HOME bar afterwards for more conversation to celebrate this special film and an exciting weekend of LGBTQ+ culture. This event will launch the 2018 Superbia Weekend, a programme of free culture and community events from Manchester Pride.

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