State and Main

Directed by David Mamet

Mamet focuses his razor sharp wit on the filmmaking process in this screwball comedy and showbiz satire. A director (Macy) and his crew descend on a quaint town for the shoot of the big-budget period film The Old Mill. Waterford lacks the mill but boasts a town full of people eager to play some part in the filmmaking. Chaos ensues on-set and off, involving the leading man (Baldwin) and local teenage girls, the début screenwriter (Hoffman) and a greedy local businessman. Money changes hands, love blossoms, and morals are severely tested. All of this is recounted in Mamet’s trademark gatling gun dialogue, delivered by a cast to die for. Inspired by the ensemble comedies of Preston Sturges, STATE AND MAIN sends up Hollywood and Small Town USA with equal glee and is a pure pleasure for any film fan.**Introduction to State and Main, 6 Mar, 6.25pm**Award winning playwright and critic Jim Burke will intoduce STATE AND MAIN in relation to David Mamet’s career in theatre and filmNormal cinema ticket proces apply.

102 minutes

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