Shorts/ Protect Me From What I Want

Directed by Various

Welcome to post-punk theatre! Children of the dance floor unite. Paris is Burning. From erotic rituals to the construction of a queer utopia, this musically infused shorts programme explores the queering of modern identity. Watch politics meet the dance floor. Grab your heels and shake your ass for a provovative consideration of privacy and exhibitionism.

Programme curated by the Centre of Cultural Confusion. Screening part of Abandon Normal Devices, produced by Cornerhouse, FACT and folly. See the full programme on the AND festival website.



In Lust

Dir Eric Wareheim/2009/2 mins
Captures the frivolous abandon of being in lust for the first time. A music video for the soul.

Pon De Floor

Dir Major Lazer/2009/5 mins


No Safe Words

Dir Noam Gonick – G.R.I.D/2009/4 mins
Noam Gonick’s No Safe Words is a multi-channel video installation (presented here as one-channel) that expands on a short film originally shown in large outdoor screens during the 2008 Toronto Pride Parade. The short film is contextualized by footage documenting the parade and the prominent participation of police forces in the festivities.

Curses, Hexes and Boots

Dir Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny (SUPERM)/2006/5 mins
Featuring Masterboy Tom Dura & Joakim Andreasson in an erotic ritual involving a roomful of boots. With a voice-over by Scott Treleaven.

Cruisin’ Down the Death Drive

Dir My Barbarian/2009/4 mins


Get Huh

Dir House of Ladosha (Crawford & Ladosha)/2010/5 mins


Ssion – Credit in the Straight World

Dir Cody Critcheloe/2008/4 mins
Cody Critcheloe is the lead singer and mastermind of the band SSION (pronounced “shun” as in passion, confusion, illusion) which he began in Kentucky at age 16 when he wrote, performed, recorded and made videos for the songs on his first album. Leading an ever changing punk/dance/HI-NRG band that sounds a little 1970s, with a bit of 1980s á la Cindy Lauper, Debbie Harry, and Madonna, he has since recorded four additional albums.

“Pimp & Ho: Terror In Pansy Hills” from House of Venus Show

Dir Mark Kenneth Woods/10 mins
The queerest duo ever are back at it again. In this ode to the horror genre, Jonny Pimp & Honey Ho investigate a strange death in the small town of Pansy Hills only to end up fearing for their own lives. Is there a gay-bashing killer on the loose? Is it a fag-hating supernatural being? Or is George W. Bush brainwashing the town?

Dance Piss

Dir Slava Mogutin/2009/4 mins


Sweetberry Sonnet (Remixed)

Dir Kalup Linzy/2008/22 mins
SweetBerry Sonnet (Remixed) is a remixed version of Linzy’s recent video anthology, which was created to accompany the songs on Linzy’s 2008 album, SweetBerry Sonnet. Performing as his recurring characters (including Taiwan, Labisha, Katonya, Nucuavia and Jada), Linzy created a music video for each R&B-inspired song on the album. With titles such as “Dirty Trade” and “Edge of My Couch,” the songs—all written and performed with sublime theatricality by Linzy—trace a melodramatic arc of desire and loss.


£5.50 full / £4 concs

65 minutes