Short: We Still Believe in Love

This week’s selection takes you on a poetic journey following a Greater Manchester resident’s quest for human connectivity in an empty city.

“We’re well aware that audiences might want films about other subject than last year’s situation but we loved this super Manc journey through the city during the first lockdown and could not resist sharing it!

We follow our protagonist on their travels around the city, bringing to light the dark underbelly of the city, where people face incredibly difficult circumstances, particularly the homelessness crisis and are reminded of the sacrifices many people made to protect and look after one another. Whilst the film does not swerve from the difficulties our city faces, we also come to see that it’s the spirit of Manchester people that guide us through in times of adversity.

Both a gritty watch, an endearing and humourous journey and a moving experience,we hope it leaves you with as fond a memory it did us”

The Filmed Up Panel


A love letter to Manchester past and present, We Still Believe in Love (So F***k You) uses images from the city during lockdown to pay tribute to the strength, character and language of ‘Manny’ and its people.

Certificate guidance: Very frequent use of strong language (it’s Mancunian innit!)

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More information about the film and the team

“I didn’t have a creative team at that point or know if any of the artists I asked to work with me would say yes. They did. I thought it was possible we could make something special, and I didn’t stop to think about how ambitious it was. I just believed we could.”

We talked to Tess Farley about the journey it took to make the film and the wonderful collaborators she met along the way. Click below to read the full interview.

13 minutes

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Great Britain

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