Short: The Very Last Boy Alive

For this week’s Filmed Up short, get ready to spend a surrealist moment in the toilets with FUNK FILMS’ The Very Last Boy Alive

“A witty, emotive, and mesmerising short surrealist film delving into the conflict within one man’s inner psyche. The Very Last Boy Alive features incredibly authentic lead performances, which keeps the film grounded in some truth, even during its most outlandish moments.”
Ryan Lee Gregory, Filmed Up Panel Member.


Sam is scared, sinking and stuck in a pub toilet. How he got there is a conversation he needs to have.

The film contains some flashing lights.

Watch Now (Certificate: 15)

About The filmmaker / the team

The Very Last Boy Alive is FUNK FILMS third short film from 2020.

The group was created by Liverpool- based Michael Peace and Tom Sidney who were keen to put the chaos and personality of their home city into their work.

Tom and Michael are both dedicated to improvement, their craft and the artistic vision of what Michael Chekov labelled ‘The Other’ in their work.

You can follow FUNK film on twitter @FUNKFILMS9 and Instagram @funks_films

How did the Film Come about?

The film came through a series of movement classes normally used for theatre when FUNKS worked with movement theatre practitioner Kerian Sheenan. Through these workshops, the group looked at Box work, element work and animal work and organically in the rehearsal room created the world and the chaos this story needed.

7 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: