Short: The Love Song Of T. S. Eliot

Hopefully, it’s not long until we are allowed to go into people’s gardens again. In a timely fashion, this week’s Filmed Up selection will make you want to spend leisurely time outdoor with people you appreciate.

“Simple yet engaging, this film gives you a glimpse of a family’s everyday moment. It is filled with warmth and lovely, gentle intimate moments that made us long to hang out in a sunny garden with people we love. A tribute to times spent with friends when nothing much happens and yet they form precious moments and memories” – The Filmed Up panel


A poetic Slice Of Life film, showing the intimacies of one day shared by three people during lockdown.

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  • About The filmmaker / the team

I am a 3rd year filmmaking student at Manchester School Of art, I created this film inspired by the poem The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock. I wanted to capture the mundanity and poetics of the everyday and of where each mind wonders on its own. I made this independently using one camera and a microphone and created the soundtrack on garageband. I find I enjoy exploring the uneventful moments of life in my work, finding instead extraordinariness in the unsaid and in the people themselves. When I’m not making films I like to make music and so what was really great about making this film, with it deriving from a poem, I felt I could create something that had the same lyrical rhythm as a song.

You can follow Kitty Handley on instagram @kitchenhandle and on soundcloud @Kit

  • How did the film come about

The film was born through limitations. I had a uni project to create a film inspired by a poem and originally had a completely different idea for a film inspired by T. S. Eliot’s poem. But due to lockdown I had to scrap that idea completely. I sat for weeks just being frustrated at the unremarkable nature of my new everyday, trying to come up with a way of doing this beautiful poem justice. Then eventually I grew to love the mundanity and slowness of the day and realised I could create a film that simply showed this new pace of life, all the time for thinking and not doing. I wanted to capture T. S. Eliot’s contemplative train of thought from the poem and I felt the best way of doing that was to imply it, never fully allowing the audience to know what each person is thinking. I wanted the film to be a combination of documentary and narrative film, so although nothing is scripted in the film, situations were set up to trigger conversations and moments.

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