Short: Joel

Directed by Matt Green


After Joel’s Mum passes away, he is stuck with a grieving father who doesn’t understand his developing outlook on life, and identity. To find comfort and understanding he must look to another generation. A story of internal exploration, unforeseen loss and how these two elements struggle to find harmony within family relationships.

Watch Now (certificate 12A)

Certificate note: one use of strong language, two occurences of discriminatory language within context of an argument.

About the filmmaker / the team

Director Matt Green; Writer James Froment; Producer Marcus Johnson

After being born and raised in the North West of England, Matt Green moved to Manchester to study film at University. Matt now works as the Creative Director of Glacé Media, a production company he founded with his childhood friend and Producer Marcus Johnson.

He has directed short films, documentaries and work for TV. Matt enjoys exploring real-world issues and people whilst grounding his work in the realism of the world we live in.

You can follow Glacé Media on instagram @glacemedialtd, Facebook @GlaceMediaLTD and Twitter @glacemedialtd

How did the film come about?

The initial idea for the film was developed by Director Of Photography, James Froment, who has worked on a wide range of projects with Matt and Marcus.

From the beginning we knew this film was to focus on the journey of the main character Joel, exploring his internal development and the dynamics at play in his family relationships. James and Matt then developed the script together. The initial thinking behind the film was that it would be without dialogue and follow a more arty vibe with colourful visuals telling the story. However, as the script was developed and then played out amongst the actors on set, we realised there was a lot more power to be harnessed through the raw dialogue and emotion of the actors. As a production as a whole, this really was a collaborative effort.

Contributors varied from crew members that James, Matt and Marcus had previously worked with, as well as others stepping forward as the production developed. The passion and willingness to dive into the overarching idea was what allowed this film to develop in the way it did. From the conception of the initial idea, all of the contributors built something that became bigger than the individuals involved.

6 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: