This week’s Filmed Up selection will warm your little hearts with a lovely tale of a father daughter relationship under difficult circumstances and also set your pulses running with a touch of suspense and tricky everyday situations to solve.

“The mounting pressure leads to an emotional climax in this short social realist film. Authentic performances bring us up close to the single father in a deadlock situation, caught between caring for his daughter needs and the demands of precarious employment, strict parole conditions and money troubles.” – Aleksandra Szymczyk, Filmed Up Panel Member


A working single dad and his 12-year-old daughter’s relationship is tested when both struggle to adapt their lives around a restrictive curfew.

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  • About the filmmaker / the team

Director Oz Arshad developed his love of filmmaking during a decade long career as a high school teacher. He made the transition from teacher to director in 2015 when he was hired to write and direct Finding Fatimah, a rom com feature film which was released in 2017. Oz completed Cur:few, his first drama short, through NFTS and EON Productions and most recently Expiation (2021) with Film Hub North. Oz is part of BFI x BAFTA CREW 2021.

DOP Olan Collardy’s cinematography is an infusion of his passion for art, culture and style. His unique attention to detail and aesthetics coupled with ability to craft light enables him to capture the dramatic and compelling images he has become known for. The diversity of his work is exemplified from a range of television/web drama series to his separate wort with client base of brands within fashion, lifestyle and luxury. He is also responsible for a series of short films that have generated a cult following amongst indie film enthusiasts. His accolades includes Short of The Week, BFI Future Film Festival and a Sundance Film Festival selection.

  • How did the film come about?

Cur:few was born out of the fears that remote parenting can cause.  It’s extremely important to parents with children who do not live with them that, when they become adults, their memories of their time together, however short and fragmented it may have been, are also strong, warm and radiate positivity.

With Cur:few I wanted to focus on the plight of a single father who is released from prison; few stories about parenting are often told from this perspective. Despite wanting to be a good parent whilst paying his debt to society, the system makes it a struggle to fulfil both. I hope audiences will empathise with the protagonist as a struggling parent who is simply trying to connect to his child.

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