Seeing Red: Love, Life and Laughs in Manchester

1. Love in the 21st Century: ToyBoy (Scr Catherine Johnson, C4 tx 4.8.99) From the controversial series of short stories about modern love (and lust). A teacher has an affair with one of her pupils during a school trip. 2. Bob & Rose (ITV tx 10.9.01 – first episode) Written by QAF’s Russell Davies, BOB & ROSE follows the development of the unexpected relationship between a gay teacher (Alan Davies) and an independent-minded young woman (Lesley Sharp). 3. Linda Green (BBC, tx 1.3.02; Ep 10) Liza Tarbuck is the eponymous feisty lass looking for love and singing her heart out on the local working men’s club circuit. In Motherhood she tests out her feelings towards maternity by toting around a cardboard cut-out sprog.

110 minutes