Directed by Carlos Molinero

The stylish début feature of Madrid film school graduate Molinero, SALVAJES is a gritty, gripping urban drama of harsh lives, set in coastal Valencia. Middle-aged nurse Berta (Paredes) struggles to look after her late sister’s three rebellious adolescents whilst continuing her nightly search for love. Unexpectedly she meets and falls for Eduardo (Arias) a jaded policeman whose investigation of a vicious racist attack eventually leads back to her family’s door. Employing its edgy video camerawork and excellent cast to powerful effect, SALVAJES examines nationalism, xenophobia and racism in contemporary Spain. Nominated for 3 Goyas: Best New Director, Best New Actress (Parades’ daughter, Isasi) and Best Adapted Screenplay.+ Bamboleho (Dir Luis Prieto, Sp 2001, 14mins)Goya-nominated short that traces the lives of three marginalised teens who live on the rooftops of Barcelona. GUESTSWe are delighted to welcome director Carlos Molinero who will discuss the film after the screening.

98 minutes

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