SALVADOR is the moving story of the 25-year-old activist who was the last political prisoner to be executed in Spain by the garotte. A member of the militant anti-fascist Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación (MIL) in the early seventies, Salvador Puig Antich was arrested and charged with murder. His family, colleagues and a dedicated lawyer (Ulloa) fought to save his life. When ETA killed Prime Minister Carrero Blanco, the state took its revenge.
As Salvador, German-Catalan actor Brühl brings the passion he displayed in THE EDUKATORS and GOOD BYE LENIN! to the role of the committed young anarchist with no desire to be a martyr. SALVADOR offers a forceful reminder of the abusive power wielded during the waning days of the dictatorship and a compelling argument against capital punishment. Nominated for 11 Goyas, including Best Film, Director and Actor (Brühl).  

138 minutes

Catalan, French and Spanish

Country of origin:
Great Britain and Spain

Year of production: