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Ruido rosa

Flores Prieto’s second feature film takes us back to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, this time during the Barranquilla rainy season, when a sense of lethargic dilapidation overwhelms this rain-drenched tropical city on the periphery of modernity. Solitary Luis repairs radios and TV sets; defiantly optimistic Carmen works at an old three-star hotel. Slowly an awkward and touching love story develops between two older people dreaming of more fulfilling lives. Fans of Cazando luciérnagas in ¡Viva! 2014 will recognise Flores Prieto’s signature style in the visual splendour and superb attention to detail of his carefully framed, often static-camera shots, here saturated with lush greens and vibrant reds, combined with a pared-back script and soundtrack.

EVENT: We are pleased to welcome Roberto Flores Prieto for a Q&A following the screening on Sun 8 Mar.

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