Rome, Open City

Directed by Roberto Rossellini

A landmark of Italian neorealism often cited as one of the greatest films ever made, Roberto Rossellini’s portrait of life under the Nazi occupation remains remarkable for its sheer immediacy, tension and power. 

Made in extraordinarily straitened circumstances immediately after the liberation of Rome, the film follows Manfredi, a partisan leader, as he attempts to evade the Gestapo by enlisting the help of Pina, the fiancée of a fellow member of the underground resistance, and Don Pietro, the priest due to oversee her marriage.

Both Aldo Fabrizi and Anna Magnani were well known comedic actors and perform here magnificently against type. Shot both on the ravaged streets and in the studio, Rome, Open City seamlessly blends sequences reminiscent of documentary with more conventional dramatic scenes notable for their pace, precise staging and affectingly naturalistic performances. Its emotional punch remains undiminished. 

"Few films have had as seismic an impact on world cinema"


"There is no film to rival the humanism of Rossellini’s masterpiece"

The Guardian

103 minutes

Translated title:
(Roma città aperta)



Country of origin:

Year of production:

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