Gual is one half of the directorial team who brought us SMOKING ROOM (¡Viva! 2003). Based on his youth, Gual’s solo directorial début takes a look back at life on a rural Catalan commune, post-’68. Over 30 years later, two divorced couples and their grown-up children reunite at the remote farmhouse they all shared with Max – the only one who still lives the life. Bittersweet nostalgia soon curdles into pure bitterness as the gaping chasm between parents and offspring, old dreams and present reality is cruelly exposed. A wonderful ensemble cast, witty script and stunning scenery create a kind of Catalan BIG CHILL.

(Dir Borja Cobeaga ES 2005, 16 mins)
Oscar-nominated black comedy.

95 minutes


Country of origin:
Argentina and Spain

Year of production: