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Relaxed Screening/ Kiki’s Delivery Service

13-year-old Kiki must spend a year away from home in order to become a fully- edged witch. She sets off on her broom to the seaside town where she decides to put her talents to use and starts a broom-borne delivery service.

What is a relaxed screening?
Relaxed events are designed for people  with autism spectrum conditions and their families so they can enjoy the arts together in a stress-free environment. These events are also suitable for people with sensory conditions or learning difficulties.

For this event, we will keep the cinema lights on low and turn the volume down a little. There will be no trailers or advertisements before the film starts and you are welcome to move around the cinema if you want to. A separate chill out space will be provided if you need some time out of the screening.

Our family programme is supported by: