Real Women Have Curves

Directed by Patricia Cardosa

Winner of the 2002 Sundance festival Audience Award (Drama) and the deserved (joint) Best Actress Award for Ferrera and Ontiveros, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES is a lively story of growing up in East Los Angeles. Ana (Ferrera) is an extremely bright Latina teen who finds herself having to weigh the expectations of her immigrant parents against her ambitions for the future. She comes up against the beliefs of her mother (Ontiveros), the love for her family, the determination of her teacher and her own prejudices as she suffers through a sweaty summer working alongside a group of women in her older sister’s struggling garment factory. Remarkably vivid in its realist portrayal of a first generation Californian’s life, REAL WOMEN really shines in the wonderful performances, especially Ferrera and Ontiveros.

87 minutes

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